Fullstack Developer

44 years, based in Stockholm

Björn’s first job was as a developer and he has been loyal to the IT industry ever since. In addition to development, he has over the years tried various things such as working as solution architect and scrum master. The absolutely dominant part of his career so far has been working as a developer.

What does a developer at Quickbit do?

It depends a little on what is needed. It may be to examine existing code, write new code or consider ways of working. Right now I’m developing a backend and I enjoy it.

What is attractive about Quickbit as a workplace?

I like Quickbit’s vision. It should be easy to use crypto in everyday life. Quickbit also has a clear team culture where everyone helps each other, trusts each other and make decisions together. I like that.

What are your hobbies?

There is always room for Netflix and computer games. I spend some time on “capture the flag” exercises. A few times a year I usually visit the so-called demo party (commodore64). I also like to hike and spend the night along hiking trails and I have a side business that rents out virtual servers to smaller companies and friends. If there is time left after all this, then it happens that I help out Missing people or try to learn how to play acoustic guitar.

Tell me something few others know about you.

I worked as a temple guardian at an annual event called Burning Man in the United States. I like to grow my own chilli and I developed an indie game with a friend, a game that flopped. In addition, I have taken a hunter’s degree and will try to get started with hunting.