Fullstack Developer

34 years, based in Stockholm

Christoffer is a 34-year-old backend developer coming most recently from Nordnet. Previous experiences include Allihoopa / Propellerheads and Campanja. Christoffer has a degree in Civil Engineering in Media Technology from KTH. He has also been part of several start-ups.

What do you do in your role?

I work with Quickbits backend. You can compare it to what is under the hood of the product. In practice, this means that I design and build APIs with my colleagues and ensure that servers and databases are kept operational.

Why did you choose to start at Quickbit?

I’ve always liked the dynamics of working in startups – it’s a high tempo and no day is the same, which is incredibly fun.

What do you do when you are not working?

I have always liked to draw and paint, so when I have some time over, I reach for the pen.

Tell us something about you that few know.

In my spare time, a friend and I run a service called Bokaplanen. With it, we help football clubs to book training times, email out schedules etc.