Johan B

Chief Compliance Officer

30 years, based in Stockholm

Johan most recently joins from Telia and has experience from similar work from other companies in the financial and telecom industries. He has previously worked with compliance issues focusing on payments and consumer credits at Klarna and American Express.

What does a Chief Compliance Officer do?

I’m responsible of the compliance function at Quickbit. To describe what compliance is, you can see it from two dimensions. One dimension is about minimize the risk that the products offered by Quickbit are used for money laundering and / or terrorist financing. In short, to ensure that Quickbit complies with the laws and regulations we are set to comply with. The second dimension is to help the business develop easy-to-use, relevant and good products for our customers. Combining the two dimensions, I believe, creates confidence in the company and also where the compliance function plays an important role.

Why did you choose to join Quickbit?

Quickbit is successful in what we do and there is a drive within the company to constantly develop the business into new areas. When I also heard how important compliance work was seen internally in the company, the choice was simple and obvious.

What interests do you have in addition to compliance issues?

I really love the archipelago. As soon as I have the opportunity I will go for a ride with my boat. I do this all year, even in the winter. Also, I´m completely stuck for CrossFit which usually occupies my time in the early mornings…

Tell us something about you that few know.

This fall, I graduated with a Class 8 Graduate Command and have a small distant dream of running a boat as a profession sometime in the future. I have already operated my own business during the university years when I drove a so-called kiosk boat during the summer months. From the kiosk boat I sold ice cream, buns, strawberries, etc. to people who were out on a boat holiday.

Three quick questions

Which pod do you listen to?

I listen to Filip and Fredrik a lot.

If you got to go to a place you haven’t been, where will it be?

I would love going to Australia, but right now I just long to travel in general.

Do you have a nickname?

I have been called Björkis sometimes…