Martin S

Design Lead

36 years, based in Stockholm

Martin started his professional career as an advertising designer in b2b print and then moved on to Hyper Island and a nice new world of digital marketing. After a couple of years in London and Stockholm, he became more interested in longer processes and products with more benefit than marketing. Working at Quickbit since 2018.

What does a Design Lead do?

I am responsible for the company’s graphic presentation. It includes the graphic profile and design system as well as how these are implemented in our platforms. I also lead the profiling work and am responsible for designing and following the design strategy as a tool for achieving our goals.

Why did you chose Quickbit?

My feeling was that Quickbit seemed to be a company where there was an opportunity to be part of shaping the future. It turned out to be right. Cryptocurrencies are an extremely useful way and format to manage your money, and the chance to be involved in developing useful solutions for people around the world is irresistible.

In addition, I was attracted by the way of working. We are a super-agile team, we can make quick decisions for the way forward with the product.

Hobbies ..?

Climbing is my sport. I love most things about outdoor life – skiing, hiking, surfing, swimming. I also like being at home with my family, drawing and cooking.

Tell us something about you that few know.

I have worked as a seaman on a 25,000 ton heavy oil tanker.