Operations Manager

30 years, based in Stockholm

Samsom comes most recently from the oral hygiene company The Humble Co, where he worked as COO. He also has experience as a management consultant at EY and auditor from Deloitte, among other things. Samsom has a degree in Business Administration from Jönköping University.

What does an Operations Manager do?

As operations manager, I have overall responsibility for the company’s operations. At Quickbit, my role is to be responsible for design, development and implementation of relevant structures and processes to improve business management. In concrete terms, this means that I lead the work on developing strategies, running various internal projects and developing processes for how we will work in the future.

Why did you choose to work with cryptocurrencies att Quickbit instead of oral hygiene products?

The Fintech industry has had a very exciting and interesting development in recent years. We have seen new payment methods compete with the classic card and billing services, it has become easier and safer to take loans, and we have seen new types of currencies emerge.

It’s a mixture of innovation and moving in new environments that have attracted me to Quickbit.

Do you have any hobbies?

Yes, I have a great passion for traveling and so I am very interested in food, fashion and design. Most of all, I like to combine these. My favorite destination is Paris, it is a city that gives me an outlet for all my interests at the same time.

What do other people not know about you?

For six months I ate a whole package of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream every night as dinner. Unhealthy. But good. I can recommend the taste Chunky Monkey. Another thing is that I like to have blocked ears.