40 years, based in Stockholm

Sebastian has previously worked as Art Director and Graphic team lead in the retail sector. Among the companies Sebastian has worked on are H&M, WeSC, Cheap Monday. He has also run his own business.

What do you do in your role as a designer?

First and foremost, I work with the design lead, product owner and developers in the daily work around the product. However, each day can look completely different depending on what needs to be done. It can be anything from developing concepts or making UX-tweaks to supporting design implementation.

How come you chose Quickbit?

From the first moment, I realised that I want to work with this group of people. A constellation of incredibly competent people, a very relaxed and lovely atmosphere that feels unique. The openness and drive forward is fantastic. That in combination with the business concept.

For me personally, the work at Quickbit means that I need to put on the beginner’s hat in many situations, research and find solutions to challenges as well as work with the rest of the team. This gives a strong motivation to get better and to feel that I am developing.

Hobbies ..?

It is certainly a standard answer but I love training and being out in the nature. Kayaking and the thermos are the best energy boosts I can think of.

Finally, what do few people know about you?

I have lived in China for two years and can speak 0.3% Chinese.

I eat about 2.5 cabbage heads a week.

I have competed in Thai boxing and am completely unbeaten in my career. Which consisted of one match.