Simon W

iOS Developer

29 years, based in Stockholm

Simon works with iOS development and has a background as a programmer. Past experiences include Bontouch and Blocket. Simon is self-taught and has been a programmer for most of his life.

What do you do in your role?

I am an iOS developer and am currently working on developing a new product that I unfortunately cannot tell you much about. But I’m pretty sure everyone will know more about it soon. I also have a good eye for graphic design and animation design and support my colleagues a bit in that.

What attracted you to Quickbit?

Quickbit felt like a fun and stimulating opportunity to be part of a new and modern platform to help people use cryptocurrency in their everyday lives.

What do you do in your free-time?

I have devoted my entire professional life to programming so it may not be a coincidence that my biggest interest is programming, everything from iOS to microchip and servers. I also enjoy relaxing by playing video games and have a keen interest in photography. I like to photograph by analogy.

Lastly, tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.

I came in at second place in brewing coffee-SM two years in a row when I worked as a barista at one of Sweden’s best coffee shops. When I was slightly younger than I am today, I was interviewed for a multi-page article in Kamratposten about building and programming lego robots.