Content Lead

Tobias is 28 years old and has a solid background in cryptocurrency and blockchain. He has, among other things, been the regional manager for the Swedish Blockchain Association where he trained companies and organizations on the subject as well as arranged international events for blockchain and crypto companies. In addition, he has lectured and been an adviser to authorities, colleges and politicians. Currently, Tobias is studying toward a master of crypto economics.

What did you do before Quickbit?
I started studying business economics and IT at Stockholm University in 2016, but now after a bit of awakening, I switched to economics for a bachelor’s degree that is completed in 2021. However, I aim for a master’s degree in cryptoeconomics that will be completed in 2023. In addition, I have since 2016 been involved politically, however, without party affiliation, but my main commitment over the past year has – in addition to studies – been in the crypto and blockchain circles, both non-profit and professional.

What should you do on Quickbit?
I plan and produce content for external communication.

What made you decide to start Quickbit?
Quickbit has a view of cryptocurrency’s present and future that resonates with my own. In addition, I think Quickbit contributes to a service that I believe is important for cryptocurrencies and technology itself to become more widely accepted and accepted.

Several, but mainly strength training, chess, piano and sound design.

Sound design …? Sounds exciting, tell more.
Through oscillators, sound waves are manipulated to produce a particular sound – a drum, trumpet, synth or whatever – that can then be used in compositions or songs.